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You were grounded at home, that’s a fact. But that won’t stop you. Your brilliant mind is not limited by any space. Use your talents and a pinch of technology and help Field Agents complete the mission. Only with your remote assistance will it be possible. Cross the plans of a sinister organization that wants to take control of the world!

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Agent X – escape game online

Dear Friends and Fans of puzzles,

Dear Friends and Fans of puzzles,

The coronavirus has grounded many of us in our homes, made it difficult to function, and finally put many people and companies in a position to fight for financial survival.

I don’t know if you know, but the Regulation of the Minister of Health on declaring an epidemic emergency, which temporarily banned, among others, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, etc., also applies to the escape room industry. How long we can’t invite you to an incredible experience of exciting entertainment – nobody knows.

This is a very difficult situation for us, because no reservations = no income… We don’t have any take-away products to serve like restaurants, we don’t sell tickets, like gyms, to have the money to function in advance.

However, we cannot imagine the landscape of Poland after the epidemic, where there will be no places for common entertainment, places to build relationships and create wonderful memories, places full of smile and joy, places like escape rooms.

Our great desire to survive and provide reasons to rejoice even in these difficult times, has become the mother and father of our online escape room invention! We have done what we could with limited resources to bring you entertainment straight home. #Stayathome and support the escape room industry by taking part in a special mission!

Escape Room Online

Theme: Action

Play at home

min. 1 player

Lever intermediate

with friends and family

24/7 access

Hints and support

100% fun

training for your brain

What do you need?

All you need is a computer or tablet and internet access. After payment, you will be sent a link with puzzles that you can solve at home. You can solve puzzles with your family. If you need more information, please contact us! Here

Why Play Escape Room Online? 

Having fun at home without going out

Working from home? Play from! Everyone needs a moment of relaxation…


Puzzles and hints

If you get stuck, there are hints for every puzzle.

You need a break?

You can interrupt the game at any time and come back to it.


Our online escape room is completely safe – there is no direct contact with another person at any stage ?. We handle everything remotely, by e-mail and by phone.

Fun Guaranteed

You like playing in escape rooms? Check the escape room online – Agent X.

You're not from Krakow?

That’s all right. You can play from any place and any device.

Entry Fee:

19,99 €

9,99 €


Safe and secure

Payment on-line

you can play 24h / 7d

Stress free

Customer service for you all the time

Easy to book

Another Escape Room Online? to be continued…

Check out other escape rooms that we can deliver to your home electronically.

Who’s behind this?

Escape room online was prepared by Gamescape’s creative team, which has been creating escape rooms for years. And here are some facts:

years of running escape rooms

escape rooms created

city games played

years of experience in the edutainment industry

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#stayathome and play escape room online

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